Preventing Heartburn


If you suffer often from the burning pain of heartburn, finding your triggers and learning to avoid them can help.

Keep a diary. Try and write down every detail about your heartburn. When does it happen? What does it feel like? What makes it better? Answering these questions can help you highlight the lifestyle changes you should make.

You may find that your heartburn triggers are similar to those for indigestion. But watch out specially for things that:

  • increase the acid in your stomach, such as eating large meals, certain types of food, or drinking caffeine and alcohol
  • create pressure on your stomach and cause the acid to escape, such as being overweight, overeating, eating before bed, eating too quickly, wearing tight clothes, and exercising after eating
  • relax the muscle that keeps the acid in your stomach, such as smoking, some medicines, and certain types of foods like chocolate and mint
  • push your stomach acid the wrong way, such as bending, lifting things or lying down after a meal.